James Webb Telescope Unexpected Super Earth Discovery!


James Webb Telescope Unexpected Super Earth Discovery

The James Webb Space Telescope, JWST, continues to excite scientists around the world because of the knowledge of the universe that it will unlock. However, we don’t need to wait long to see what the space telescope is capable of, as its super earth discovery is already making astronomers rethink what they know about the universe!
What are super earths, and what has the JWST discovered about them?

Has it finally found life on these planets? How do super earths affect you as a person? Join us as we dive into James Webb Space Telescope’s discovery about super earths that shocks the entire space industry! What do you expect from a telescope that cost 10 billion dollars and took decades to build? Scientists are finding out just that with the James Web Space Telescope that is now in its permanent orbit! The floodgates of information about outer space are about to open as scientists are waiting for their turns to study the universe using the power JWST

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