James Webb Telescope Discovery Of Super Earth SHOCKS The Entire Industry!


NASAs James Webb space telescope is almost ready to get to work.

It is known that ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. The urge to know more about this universe and prove what we already know, never ends. To fulfill this urge, to date, many science experiments have been done from ground based to space, each better than its predecessor. Scientists have spent decades and multi billion dollars on a project that is going to unravel the hidden mysteries of this universe that no other science art could reveal.

It is the iconic masterpiece, the James Webb Space Telescope that is going to revolutionize astronomy. Among many other of its goals, the James Webb is going to answer one of the most bizarre theories, the Stephen Hawking Dark Matter Theory. Welcome to Tech Land. Join us as we unravel, how the masterpiece in space is going to answer our mystery.

When James Webb reached its new home in space, many scientists around the world began working on what they could solve using this gigantic observatory. Of these, the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope may provide the data needed to evaluate one of Stephen Hawking’s most contentious theories: that dark matter is made up of black holes formed in the Big Bang’s early moments.

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