James Webb Prove The Multiverse Theory and Dark Matter!


James Webb Prove The Multiverse Theory and Dark Matter

Launched on Christmas 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope is finally operational and it has started making new science while orbiting around the Lagrangian point L2, an imaginary point in space in the Sun-Earth system.
James Webb has been defined as the Hubble Space Telescope successor, even though the two amazing telescopes are quite different from each other.

James Webb will explore the universe as seen in the Infrared Band. It is a spectral range of wavelengths that we, humans, are not able to see with our own eyes. Studying the universe in the infrared domain, we are able to see objects that would be otherwise covered by dust clouds.

James Webb’s discoveries will revolutionize our world and our understanding of the universe together.
But what’s the real reason for launching this powerful telescope into space? And could it be helpful to test the multiverse theory and prove the presence of dark matter?

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