IT HAPPENED! SpaceX Is FINALLY Testing Their New Super Heavy 2021!


IT HAPPENED! SpaceX Is FINALLY Testing Their New Super Heavy 2021!

IT HAPPENED SpaceX Is FINALLY Testing Their New Super Heavy 2021

Few people dream as big as Elon Musk. Armed with the biggest personal wealth and a market that will throw money at him, he wants to orchestrate a full blown colony for permanent occupation of planet Mars! Musk lives and breathes this childhood dream of his, and a major way he is preparing to kick off the Martian dream is to build a massive spacecraft that shatters all records. The lower stage of the spacecraft, the Super Heavy, has taken a while to develop, but it is finally here! What new exciting features has it got since the last time it was tested?

We bring you the video of how SpaceX’s Super Heavy booster is finally ready! Going to Mars is no small undertaking! Some folks complain about relocating from one city to another in the same country, but Musk is overseeing one of the intense relocation efforts in human history! According to his plan, volunteer colonizers will move base and abandon the earth to live on planet Mars! The scale is astonishing in both the distance and the number of people concerned! To get to their destination, these colonizers will cover millions of miles through deep space, where they will need protection from radiation. This trip will take months of moving at unimaginable speed! If this is not complicated enough, Musk wants to move one million people from earth to Mars to ensure the community is self-sustaining!

Mars is nowhere like the Earth where you take the air you breathe for granted. It contains gases that are deadly to take in. So for Musk’s travelers to survive, the CEO will have to set up a system that will sustain them before they even step foot on the planet. This will involve tons of cargo of equipment that have to cover the vast distance between the earth and planet Mars.

To be able to convey both people and cargo to Mars, Musk needs a powerful rocket. However, all existing rockets just don’t cut it because Musk has other requirements apart from power for the rockets he will use. And when Musk needs something that does not exist, he builds it! This is why his company SpaceX has spent the last few years developing and testing the Starship spacecraft! It is the tallest and most powerful rocket in human history! When stacked together, the Starship stands at an imposing 120 meters! The diameter is impressive as well, at 9 meters!

The Starship is the pinnacle of launch vehicle development with the capacity to carry more than 100 metric tonnes to orbit! When assembled, the Starship is powered by about 35 Raptor rocket engines designed and developed by SpaceX in-house. Musk does not just want a powerful rocket, but he wants one that is reusable! His company has been partially reusing the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets, but the Starship is going to be different because both stages will be completely reusable! Musk wants to operate his fleet of Starships like an airline that quickly turns around a plane for the next flight! This brings down the cost of trips to Mars by a big margin so that it won’t be available to only the uber-rich!

The Starship consists of the upper stage or the Ship, and the lower stage, also known as the Super Heavy. After separation, the Ship will proceed to Mars or other destinations that we will mention later in this video. It will enter Mars’ atmosphere at a blistering 7.5 km per second and decelerate aerodynamically. It will be protected from the heat that the entry will produce by a heat shield which must be strong as the Ship will perform multiple entries.

The lower stage, or the Heavy Booster, will remain earth bound. After its separation, it will return to land on its retractable legs or be caught in a truly mesmerizing system that Musk has come up with! The booster will be caught in mid air by a pair of arms! He said it would be the heaviest object ever caught and could fail catastrophically! But of course, the possibility of failure isn’t going to stop Musk! He plans that Mars and other destinations will get their own Mechazilla, the system that catches the booster! SpaceX has been hard at work on the Super Heavy! Every minute counts because Musk wants to start his Mars operations as soon as possible! However, there is another reason for the urgency. The Starship will feature prominently when NASA resumes missions to the moon. The last time the satellite received human visitors was in December 1972, but NASA plans to send astronauts there in 2024. The space agency will use the Starship to land the astronauts on the surface of the moon and take them back to the moon’s orbit. For this service, NASA will pay SpaceX about 3 billion dollars! So that is added motivation to get the Starship ready as quickly as possible!


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