Introductory Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB pdf


Introductory Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB pdf

Introductory Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB pdf : Pages 224

By James R. Chelikowsky

Quantum theory of atoms and molecules is vitally important in molecular physics, materials science, nanoscience, solid state physics and many related fields. Introductory Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB is designed to be an accessible guide to quantum theory and its applications. The textbook uses the popular MATLAB programming language for the analytical and numerical solution of quantum mechanical problems, with a particular focus on clusters and assemblies of atoms.

The textbook is written by a noted researcher and expert on the topic who introduces density functional theory, variational calculus and other practice-proven methods for the solution of quantum-mechanical problems. This important guide:

-Presents the material in a didactical manner to help students grasp the concepts and applications of quantum theory
-Covers a wealth of cutting-edge topics such as clusters, nanocrystals, transitions and organic molecules
-Offers MATLAB codes to solve real-life quantum mechanical problems

Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Year: 2019

ISBN: 3527409262,9783527409266

James R. Chelikowsky – Introductory Quantum Mechanics with MATLAB_ For Atoms, Molecules, Clusters, and Nanocrystals-Wiley-VCH (2019)

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