Hubble Just Confirmed That Something Isn’t Right with Our Physics!


Hubble Just Confirmed That Something Isnt Right with Our Physics

Our understanding of the universe has already been overturned several times. Let us recall in passing of the astronomical world view which our ancestors possessed, where Earth embodied the center of the cosmos, circled by all remaining objects.

In the meantime, however, we know that our blue home planet is no more than a tiny piece of the mosaic in an overwhelming construct that we still haven’t deciphered. It is thanks to experts like Edwin Hubble that we understand our galactic home more precisely than ever before.

The American achieved several milestones in the course of his life: He classified the spiral galaxies, researched the expansion of the cosmos and, last but not least, came across the Hubble constant. But why is this fundamental parameter of cosmology so important? What answers can this parameter give us? And finally: Why do the latest observations of the Hubble Space Telescope suggest that something is wrong with our understanding of the universe? Together with you, we would like to take a closer look at this exciting topic today!

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