How Quantum Physics Changed Our View On Reality


How Quantum Physics Changed Our View On Reality

How Quantum Physics Changed Our View On Reality

Check out How Quantum Physics Changed Our View On Reality! From string theory to amazing facts about black holes, this top 10 list of quantum mechanics facts will absolutely amaze you!

10. Time Dilation For hundreds of thousands of years, people have had a concept of the continual passage of time… whether they measured it by the movement of the sun across the sky, with wristwatches, and more recently smartphones.

9. The Different Types of Water When you have a glass of water, how many different types of water do you think the glass is filled with?

8. The Fifth State of Matter We all learned about the states of matter in science class, and how elements transition between solid, liquid, gas, and plasma… but…….

7. Neutrino Origins Neutrinos are mysterious particles that pass through virtually everything, which makes them incredibly difficult to study, but recent experiments, such as the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory, have given opportunities to detect them, and even learn about their origins.

6. Objects Can Have 2 Temperatures Schrodinger’s cat is a famous experiment from quantum physics that shows how a cat in a box can be alive and dead at the same time because of quantum mechanics… but….

5. Quantum Teleportation Have you ever watched a sci-fi show like Star Trek and wished that their teleportation technology was real?

4. Quantum Life It has always been thought that the behaviors of particles on the quantum scale, such as entanglement, were limited to inorganic molecules, but recent studies have suggested some bacteria can be quantum entangled.

3. New Particles The standard model of particle physics is the theory that classifies all known elementary particles, as well as describing three of the four fundamental forces.

2. Bell’s Theorem Bell’s Theorem, named after John Stewart Bell, is a way to distinguish the properties of the quantum world from that of classical physics.

1. Hawking Radiation The most influential physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking, progressed our understanding of the quantum world an incredible amount… but……

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