How big is a visible photon?


How big is a visible photon?

How big is a visible photon?
In this video I discuss the behavior of photons/electromagnetic waves especially the aspect of interference. At the same time, I wanted to set an error straight that was presented in a previous video. The video involved (« Photons in Radio Waves and Visible Light », contained a mis-intepretation of the observed phenomenon. The current video not only exposes the flaw, but presents a better explanation.
0:00 General Intro
0:47 What do others say?
1:21 About wavelength and size
2:10 Interference in light
3:08 Electromagnetic waves and detection
5:25 Things that make you go Hmmm…
7:36 New experiment and setup
10:23 Calculation of single photon level (boring)
11:59 Result of the new experiment
12:41 Discussion of the result
16:29 About « shot noise »
17:16 EM field strength and probability of detection
19:18 So how big is it then?
20:02 Deleted scene

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