Grammar in Plain English pdf


Grammar in Plain English pdf

Grammar in Plain English pdf  : Pages 413

By Harriet Diamond, Phyllis Dutwin

Here is an excellent English grammar brush-up manual and subject review for adults preparing for the GED, for students of English as a second language preparing for the TOEFL or TOEIC exams, and for all others who need to improve their skills in basic English usage. Topics presented and explained include: The sentence, the simplest complete thought Adding descriptive words and using them correctly Rules of agreement between nouns and verbs Time and sequence of tenses Balanced sentences to reflect coordinated thoughts Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and much more Twenty-two lessons cover the various aspects of English grammar with practice exercises accompanying each lesson and answers to all questions. This new edition has been updated to reflect the most recent GED writing skills tests.

Publisher: Barron’s Educational Series, Year: 2005

ISBN: 9780764128875,0764128876

Harriet Diamond, Phyllis Dutwin – Grammar in Plain English-Barron’s Educational Series (2005)

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