Fundamental Interactions in Physics by Dirac pdf


Fundamental Interactions in Physics by Dirac pdf

Fundamental Interactions in Physics by Dirac pdf : Pages 399

By P. A. M. Dirac

The Center for Theoretical Studies of the University of Miami has been the host of annual winter conferences whose content has expanded from the particular topic of symmetry principles in high energy physics to encompass the bases and relationships of many branches of know­ ledge. The scope of the Tenth Coral Gables Conference on Fundamental Interactions included astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, fundamental theories of gravi­ tation, of electromagnetism, and of hadrons, gauge theories of weak and electromagnetic interactions, high energy physics, liquid helium physics, and theoretical biology. The range of topics is partially represented by the scientific talks which form this book. The tangible fruits of the conference are these papers; the intangible ones are the changes of outlook which the participants experienced and the new appreciation they gained of the basic unity of all knowledge. Historically, the early Coral Gables Conferences witnessed the introduction of the concept of the quark and the attempts to formulate a unification of the in­ ternal and space-time symmetries of the elementary particles, while later ones were the initial forums for new unified theories of interactions and for the ideas of scaling, light-cone dominance, and partons.

Series: Studies in the Natural Sciences 2

Publisher: Springer US, Year: 1973

ISBN: 978-1-4684-0885-0,978-1-4684-0883-6

(Studies in the Natural Sciences 2) P. A. M. Dirac (auth.), Arnold Perlmutter, Steven M. Brown, Mou-Shan Chen, T. Patrick Coleman, Werner Eissner, Joseph Hubbard, Chun-Chian Lu, Stephan L. Mintz, Mari

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