Forces of the Quantum Vacuum pdf


Forces of the Quantum Vacuum

Forces of the Quantum Vacuum : Pages 276

An Introduction to Casimir Physics

Simpson W.M.R., Leonhardt U. (eds.)

Publisher: World Scientific, Year: 2015

ISBN: 9789814632911

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Forces of the Quantum Vacuum presents a number of theoretical approaches to Casimir, van der Waals and Casimir Polder forces that have been fruitfully employed in mainstream research, and also reviews the experimental evidence for Casimir forces. Beginning with basic ideas in quantum mechanics and building its way to a sophisticated form of macroscopic QED, the book provides an inspiring training manual for graduate students to develop in a natural progression the ideas needed for modern theoretical research on Casimir forces.
Readership: The book will be useful for Masters students, PhD students, and novice researchers seeking to find their bearings in this field, and could also be used as the basis of graduate and summer school courses.

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