For the First Time NASA Is Preparing Humanity For ALIEN Contact!


NASA Is Preparing Humanity For ALIEN Contact

To find out about the presence of life on any other planet out there, many space missions have been conducted. At present, NASA has two rovers on Mars, and several probes orbiting Jupiter and Saturn. It also launched the James Web Telescope, a billion-dollar project that took almost three decades in the making. It will study galaxy, star, planet formation in the universe, and the presence of any other life in this universe, other than ours.

With so much in space, the scientists are sure of one thing and that is they are really going to find the other life. But what is going to be the next step after the discovery? According to several news sources, NASA reportedly hired a team of theologians to help predict humanity’s reaction to finding alien life. Previously, rumors circulated that NASA had hired two dozen experts through the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey, who were referred to as « priests » or « clergy » by various news sites. NASA’s this move is to determine how different religions around the world would react if contact was made with aliens.

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