For the first time : Atoms really look Like


For the first time : Atoms really look Like

A Better Way To Picture Atoms 1


Bohmian trajectories : Bohmian trajectories have been used for various purposes, including the numerical simulation of the time-dependent Schr¨odinger equation and the visualization
of time-dependent wave functions. We review the purpose they were invented for:
to serve as the foundation of quantum mechanics, i.e., to explain quantum mechanics in terms of a theory that is free of paradoxes and allows an understanding
that is as clear as that of classical mechanics. Indeed, they succeed in serving that
purpose in the context of a theory known as Bohmian mechanics, to which this
article is an introduction. ( Get Your Doc pdf : Bohmian Trajectories as the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics   )

Learn more : Bohmian Trajectories and the Path Integral Paradigm – Complexified Lagrangian Mechanics

This video is about using Bohmian trajectories to visualize the wavefunctions of hydrogen orbitals, rendered in 3D using custom python code in Blender.

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