First Actual Images of Our Solar System – What We Have Discovered?


First Actual Images of Our Solar System

Those who directed their view to the starry sky in past centuries could only conjecture how our cosmic neighbors form. People in the past made the wildest guesses about the other planets of the solar system.

Let us consider the example of Venus: Even the experts considered it conceivable until the 1960s that under the dense cloud cover of the celestial body there slumbered a full-grown jungle world with the most diverse living beings. In step with the first space missions, however, these exciting assumptions began to crumble.

Thanks to the research projects we have completed, we now know that Earth’s so-called « twin sister » is one thing above all: highly toxic and scorching hot. Together with you, we would like to do something today that the scholars of the past could only dream of: Take a detailed look at the other members of our planetary system.

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