Everything We Discovered on Mars So Far… Shocking facts


Everything We Discovered on Mars So Far… Shocking facts

Everything We Discovered on Mars So Far… Shocking factsEverything We Discovered on Mars So Far... Shocking facts

NASA has been obsessed with Mars for decades. Even though there have been rovers like the very first Pathfinder sent to scour the Red Planet, it’s NASA’s latest Mars rover – Perseverance – that has now been sent to comb the Martian terrain. Hopefully it will discover even more than its predecessors, like Curiosity and Spirit.

Looking for life on Mars
Believe it or not, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been tirelessly roaming the seemingly barren Red Planet for nine years since it landed on the Martian surface in 2012. It’s now joined by a new rover called Perseverance, which landed on Mars on the 18th February 2021. Together, the rovers have made some pretty fascinating discoveries proving how Mars is not the wasteland it was once thought of.

Life once existed on Mars
Perseverance has been on Mars for almost three months now, and one of the main aims of NASA researchers is to find signs of microbial life that could prove the Red Planet had the correct conditions to host life billions of years ago. Well, the credit actually goes to the older rover Curiosity, which found Mars actually possessed the correct combination of chemistry to support microbial life in ancient times.

They found evidence of drinking water
Organic molecules are the building blocks of life. They contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and various other elements that are all associated with life wherein organic molecules can be created by non-biological processes.

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