ElonMusk’s Top 10 Rules For Success


ElonMusk’s Top 10 Rules For Success

ElonMusks Top 10 Rules For Success

Elon Musk top 10 rules for success. This video features motivation and advice from Elon Musk.

He has been referred to as the real-life iron man. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, CEO of space x, founder of the boring company, cofounder of Neuralink, founder of Paypal, and co-founder of OpenAI.

According to Forbes, he is the 20th richest person in the world with a net worth of about 31.8 Billion dollars.

He is Elon Musk, and here are his 10 rules for success!

Elon Musk 10 Rules For Success:

1. Work Like Hell
2. Have a High Pain Threshold
3. Critical Think
4. Add Value to Society
5. Take Risks
6. Have a Great Product / Service
7. Attract Great People
8. Constantly Seek Criticism
9. Don’t Follow the Trend
10. Overcome Critics

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