Elon Musk will Reach Mars With This Amazing Engine


Elon Musk will Reach Mars With This Amazing Engine

Elon Musk will Reach Mars With This Amazing Engine.
Scientists dream of a single-stage orbital vehicle that can simply take off, overcome gravity, deliver spaceships, satellites and payloads to orbit, and after completing a mission, return and, after a while, reuse the spacecraft. However, there are no single-stage aircraft yet.
However, the presence of earthlings in space is most strongly influenced by the limited carrying capacity of launch vehicles. This fact greatly inhibits the development of space programs.
For example, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is as far from perfect as the Vostok launch vehicle, created by Korolev more than 60 years ago, that brought Yuri Gagarin into orbit.
The launch mass of Falcon Heavy is almost five times higher than that of Vostok, and amounts to almost one and a half thousand tons. But if we talk about the delivery of payload to Mars, then Falcon Heavy can take on board no more than 17 tons. That is, about 11 percent of the total launch mass of the spacecraft and launch vehicle.
But even the newest Starship launch vehicle, together with the Super Heavy first stage and a launch mass of 5 thousand tons, does not differ much in efficiency, because it is necessary to carry tanks with fuel and oxidizer. As a result, 4.5 thousand tons out of 5 thousand tons is the fuel required for both stages.
The laws of physics are adamant – the more cargo you want to put into orbit, the more fuel you need to take with you, which means the final carrying capacity decreases.

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