Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED The World’s First Military Force Field!


Elon Musk Just LAUNCHED The Worlds First Military Force Field

Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel Elon Musk Evolution where we tell you all the latest news about Elon Musk and his multi-billion companies. In today’s video we are going to tell you about the amazing discovery Elon has launched and the people are going mad about it.

Lets come out of the world of fantasy and talk real, Darth Vader’s bionic body, the Enterprise’s transporters, and the Storm Trooper’s laser guns are all sci-fi concepts that have appeared in almost every space film ever made. Nonetheless, brilliant engineers and scientists have created working prototypes of these future technologies over the last few decades. But what about the force field, one of the most enduring pieces of science fiction technology? Are we on the verge of creating a real-world force field? Surprisingly, yes! Force fields are real, and they’re just waiting for us to use them to live out our sci-fi fantasies!

There are many questions that might be circling around your mind more than its launching, what is it? How does it work? Well here are the answers.

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