Elon Musk Just CONFIRMED SpaceX’s First Orbital Starship Launch!


Elon Musk Just CONFIRMED SpaceXs First Orbital Starship Launch

According to CEO Elon Musk, SpaceX will likely be prepared to undertake its maiden orbital Starship launch in November 2022, potentially as early as late October. However, there are still a lot of significant obstacles. In response to a discussion regarding a recent test of the engines on Booster 7, Musk posted the update on Twitter. By that time, Musk predicted, « We will have two boosters & spacecraft ready for orbital flight, with full stack manufacturing at roughly one per two months » on Twitter.

The SpaceX system, which consists of the Starship spaceship and the Super Heavy booster, is a fully reusable, extremely super heavy-lift launch vehicle intended to travel to Earth orbit, the Moon, and maybe even beyond planets like Mars. As part of the space agency’s Artemis 3 mission, SpaceX is required by a contract with NASA to demonstrate that Starship can land people on the Moon by late 2025.


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