Earth’s magnetic field


Earth’s magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field: A magnetic needle, suspended by its center of gravity to a torsion wire and placed away from any magnet to any circuit carrying a current, or large mass of iron, is moving in a direction is not horizontal but which in the northern hemisphere points towards the Earth. This action experienced by a compass needle therefore reveals the existence of a magnetic field on the surface of the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field is a place characterized by a vector magnetic field B whose leadership and direction those of SN axis of the needle. magnetic meridian of a place called the vertical plane containing the earth’s magnetic field vector B in place. He did not usually confused with the true meridian of the place, the plane defined by the vertical line of the place and the terrestrial poles; This means that the horizontal magnetic meridian GM has not quite the direction of the horizontal GK indicating the geographical North.


During a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection (CME), the protons and electrons are emitted from the outer layers of the Sun reach the Earth and about 2 days later.
These rich ejections of particles and plasma (electrically neutral ionized gas) may contain more than 10 billion tons of material.

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