Cryptography Theory and Practice by Stinson 2019 pdf


Cryptography Theory and Practice by Stinson 2019 pdf

Cryptography Theory and Practice by Stinson 2019 pdf : Pages 599

By Douglas R. Stinson, Maura B. Paterson

Series : Textbooks in Mathematics

Publisher : CRC Press, Year: 2019

ISBN : 9781138197015

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We hope that this book can be used in a variety of courses. An introductory undergraduate level course could be based on a selection of material from the first eight chapters. We should point out that, in several chapters, the later sections can be considered to be more advanced than earlier sections. These sections could provide material for graduate courses or for self-study. Material in later chapters
can also be included in an introductory or follow-up course, depending on the interests of the instructor.
Cryptography is a broad subject, and it requires knowledge of several areas of mathematics, including number theory, groups, rings and fields, linear algebra, probability and information theory. As well, some familiarity with computational complexity, algorithms, and NP-completeness theory is useful. In our opinion, it is the breadth of mathematical background required that often creates difficulty
for students studying cryptography for the first time. With this in mind, we have maintained the mathematical presentation from previous editions. One basic guiding principle is that understanding relevant mathematics is essential to the comprehension of the various cryptographic schemes and topics. At the same time, we try to avoid unnecessarily advanced mathematical techniques—we provide
the essentials, but we do not overload the reader with superfluous mathematical concepts.
The following features are common to all editions of this book :
• Mathematical background is provided where it is needed, in a “just-in-time” fashion.
• Informal descriptions of the cryptosystems are given along with more precise pseudo-code descriptions.
• Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the workings of most of the algorithms described in the book.
• The mathematical underpinnings of the algorithms and cryptosystems are explained carefully and rigorously.
• Numerous exercises are included, some of them quite challenging

(Textbooks in Mathematics) Douglas R. Stinson, Maura B. Paterson – Cryptography. Theory and Practice-CRC Press (2019)

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