CONTROL ENGINEERING matlab exercises 2018 pdf


CONTROL ENGINEERING matlab exercises 2018 pdf

CONTROL ENGINEERING matlab exercises 2018 pdf : Pages 284

By László Keviczky

Publisher : SPRINGER VERLAG, SINGAPOR, Year: 2018

ISBN : 9789811083204,9811083207

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This book is intended to aid students in their study of MATLAB™/SIMULINK™ for use in solving control problems. Specifically, 16 labs for an introductory control course have been developed at the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. This book is a collection of these labs. This exercise book is a supplement to the textbook “Control
Engineering,” by László Keviczky, Ruth Bars, Jenő Hetthéssy, and Csilla Bányász, which is used in the control course. Each chapter of this exercise book is related to the corresponding chapter of the textbook.

The importance of accompanying textbooks by labs using CAD software wasrecognized decades ago at the department. At that time, a set of FORTRAN libraries supported the instruction both in control systems analysis and design. We still believe that learning control theory is best motivated by applications and simulations rather than by concepts alone. In fact, the use of MATLAB™ allows a
lot of theoretical concepts to be easily implemented. If students can immediately show for themselves how certain concepts work in practice, they will go back to the theoretical considerations with greater confidence and an improved ability to move to the next field to study. Well, feedback is around us,anyway  ( Preface / Book )

László Keviczky – CONTROL ENGINEERING _ matlab exercises.-SPRINGER VERLAG, SINGAPOR (2018)

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