Conceptual electromagnetics by Branislav M pdf


Conceptual electromagnetics by Branislav M pdf

Conceptual electromagnetics by Branislav M pdf : Pages 506

By Notaros, Branislav M

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2017

ISBN: 9781498770668,1498770665

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1 Electrostatic Field in Free Space. 1.1 Coulomb’s Law. 1.2 Electric Field Intensity Vector Due to Given Charge Distributions. 1.3 Electric Scalar Potential. 1.4 Differential Relationship Between the Field and Potential in Electrostatics, Gradient. 1.5 Gauss’ Law in Integral Form. 1.6 Differential Form of Gauss’ Law, Divergence. 1.7 Conductors in the Electrostatic Field. 1.8 Electrostatic Shielding 1.9 Charge Distribution on Metallic Bodies of Arbitrary Shapes. 1.10 Image Theory..2 Electrostatic Field in Dielectrics. 2.1 Polarization of Dielectrics. 2.2 Generalized Gauss’ Law and Permittivity.2.3 Dielectric-ielectric Boundary Conditions. 2.4 Analysis of Capacitors with Homogeneous Dielectrics.2.5 Analysis of Capacitors with Inhomogeneous Dielectrics. 2.6 Energy of an Electrostatic System.2.7 Dielectric Breakdown in Electrostatic Systems. 3 Steady Electric Currents. 3.1 Continuity Equation, Conductivity, and Ohm’s and Joule’s Laws in Local.Form. 3.2 Resistance, Conductance, and Ohm’s Law. 3.3 Boundary Conditions for Steady Currents. 3.4 Duality Relationships in the Steady Current Field. 3.5 Lossy Transmission Lines with Steady Currents. 4 Magnetostatic Field in Free Space. 4.1 Magnetic Force and Magnetic Flux Density Vector. 4.2 Biot-Savart Law. 4.3 Amp`ere’s Law in Integral Form. 4.4 Differential Form of Amp`ere’s Law, Curl. 4.5 Law of Conservation of Magnetic Flux. 4.6 Magnetic Vector Potential. 5 Magnetostatic Field in Material Media 5.1 Magnetization Current.

Notaros, Branislav M – Conceptual electromagnetics-CRC Press (2017)

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