Coherent States in Quantum Physics pdf


Coherent States in Quantum Physics pdf

Coherent States in Quantum Physics pdf : Pages 360

By Jean-Pierre Gazeau

This self-contained introduction discusses the evolution of the notion of coherent states, from the early works of Schr?dinger to the most recent advances, including signal analysis. An integrated and modern approach to the utility of coherent states in many different branches of physics, it strikes a balance between mathematical and physical descriptions. Split into two parts, the first introduces readers to the most familiar coherent states, their origin, their construction, and their application and relevance to various selected domains of physics. Part II, mostly based on recent original results, is devoted to the question of quantization of various sets through coherent states, and shows the link to procedures in signal analysis.

Publisher: Wiley-VCH; John Wiley [distributor], Year: 2009

ISBN: 352740709X,9783527407095

Jean-Pierre Gazeau – Coherent States in Quantum Physics-Wiley-VCH_ John Wiley [distributor] (2009)

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