China’s New Mega Bridges SHOCKED American Scientists


Chinas New Mega Bridges SHOCKED American Scientists

Americans like their stuff jumbo-sized, and huge constructions are a norm in the country. When it comes to bridges, the nation boasts of many iconic ones, including the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California! However, engineers have been pulling off massive bridges that have left their American counterparts shocked by the daringness and ingenuity! In this video, we bring you mighty Chinese bridges whose engineering shocks American scientists to the bone!

Humans have been building bridges since eternity. The Arkadiko Bridge, also known as the Kazarma Bridge, is claimed by many to be the oldest existing bridge in the world. This arch bridge was built sometime between 1300 and 1190 BCE, and interestingly, it is still in use local population! In Mycenaean times or the last phase of the Greek Bronze Age, which lasted from 1600 to 1100 BCE, this Arkadiko Bridge was part of a highway linking the cities of Tiryns and Epidauros.

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