China Grow A Plant On The Moon !!!


China Grow A Plant On The Moon

When we think of space exploration it is normally the efforts of Russia and the US that sit at the forefront of our mind. But since 2007, China has been making substantial and impressive movements of their own into exploring the moon with their program of lunar flights, and it has been hugely exciting to follow for enthusiasts of all things cosmic. The program began on October 24, 2007, and in the 14 years since, China has launched several spacecraft dedicated to exploring and investigating the moon. Each of these craft has gone by the name ‘Chang’e’ in reference to the Chinese goddess of the moon, a major subject of several legends in Chinese mythology. It is said that she ingested an immortality pill before flying to the moon and becoming its goddess… And the Chinese have been doing some incredible things in orbit and on the surface of the moon.


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