Cauchy’s Cours d’analyse pdf


Cauchy’s Cours d’analyse pdf

Cauchy’s Cours d’analyse pdf : Pages 432

By Robert E. Bradley and C. Edward Sandifer

Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

On infinitely small and infinitely large quantities, and on the continuity of functions. Singular values of functions in various particular cases ; On symmetric functions and alternating functions. The use of these functions for the solution of equations of the first degree in any number of unknowns. On homogeneous functions ; Determination of integer functions, when a certain number of particular values are known. Applications ; Determination of continuous functions of a single variable that satisfy certain conditions ; On convergent and divergent series. Rules for the convergence of series. The summation of several convergent series ; On imaginary expressions and their moduli ;  On imaginary functions and variables ; On convergent and divergent imaginary series. Summation of some convergent imaginary series. Notations used to represent imaginary functions that we find by evaluating the sum of such series

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