Cambridge IGCSE Biology pdf


Cambridge IGCSE Biology pdf

Cambridge IGCSE Biology pdf : Pages 410

Third Edition by D G Mackean and Dave Hayward

Characteristics and classification of living organisms ; Organisation and maintenance of the organism ; Movement in and out of cells ; Biological molecules ; Enzymes ; Plant nutrition ; Human nutrition ; Transport in plants ; Diseases and immunity ; Gas exchange ; Respiration ; Excretion in humans ; Reproduction ; Inheritance ; Organisms and their environment ; Biotechnology and genetic engineering ; Human influences on ecosystems

Series: Cambridge IGCSE

Publisher: Hodder Education, Year: 2014

ISBN: 1444176463,9781444176469

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Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations. The bestselling title, developed by International experts – now updated to offer comprehensive coverage of the core and extended topics in the latest syllabus. – Includes a student’s CD-ROM featuring interactive tests and practice for all examination papers – Covers the core and supplement sections of the updated syllabus – Supported by the most comprehensive range of additional material, including Teacher Resources, Laboratory Books, Practice Books and Revision Guides – Written by renowned, expert authors with vast experience of teaching and examining international qualifications

With Examination questions
(Cambridge IGCSE) D G Mackean, Dave Hayward – Cambridge IGCSE Biology-Hodder Education (2014)

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