Calculus A Complete Course 9th ed pdf


Calculus A Complete Course 9th ed pdf

Calculus A Complete Course 9th ed pdf : Pages 1060

By Robert A. Adams, Christopher Essex

Publisher: Pearson, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9780134154367

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A fashionable curriculum proposition is that students should be given what they need and no more. It often comes bundled with language like “efficient” and “lean.” Followers are quick to enumerate a number of topics they learned as students, which remained unused in their subsequent lives.
What could they have accomplished, they muse, if they could have back the time lost studying such retrospectively unused topics? But many go further—they conflate unused with useless and then advocate that students should therefore have lean and efficient curricula, teaching only what students
need. It has a convincing ring to it. Who wants to spend time on courses in “useless studies?”
When confronted with this compelling position, an even more compelling reply is to look the protagonist in the eye and ask, “How do you know what students need?” That’s the trick, isn’t it? If you could answer questions like that, you could become rich by making only those lean and efficient investments and bets that make money. It’s more than that though. Knowledge of the fundamentals, unlike old lottery
tickets, retains value. Few forms of human knowledge can beat mathematics in terms of enduring value and raw utility. Mathematics learned that you have not yet used retains value into an uncertain future

( Preface Book : Page 16 )

Robert A. Adams, Christopher Essex – Calculus_ A Complete Course-Pearson (2018)

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