Book Space Time and Einstein by J B Kennedy pdf


Book Space Time and Einstein by J B Kennedy pdf

Book Space Time and Einstein by J B Kennedy pdf

Pages 255

By J. B. Kennedy

Publisher: Mcgill Queens Univ Pr, Year: 2003

ISBN: 077352472X,9780773524729

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Preface and acknowledgements
Part I: Einstein’s revolution
1 From Aristotle to Hiroshima 3
2 Einstein in a nutshell 7
3 The twin paradox 31
4 How to build an atomic bomb 40
5 The four-dimensional universe 50
6 Time travel is possible 66
7 Can the mind understand the world? 71

Part II: Philosophical progress 
8 Who invented space? 77
9 Zeno’s paradoxes: is motion impossible? 92
10 Philosophers at war: Newton vs. Leibniz 104
11 The philosophy of left and right 126
12 The unreality of time 133
13 General relativity: is space curved? 139
14 The fall of geometry: is mathematics certain? 149
15 The resurrection of absolutes 159
16 The resilience of space 172

Part III: Frontiers
17 Faster than light: was Einstein wrong? 177
18 The Big Bang: how did the universe begin? 185
19 Black holes: trapdoors to nowhere 188
20 Why haven’t aliens come visiting? 193
21 The inflationary and accelerating universe 197
22 Should we believe the physicists? 202
Appendix A: Spacetime diagrams 207
Appendix B: Symmetry and Lorentz’s minority interpretation 222
Appendix C: Simple formulas for special relativity 225
Appendix D: Websites 227
Appendix E: Guide to further reading 229

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