Book Silent Spring by RACHEL CARSON pdf


Book Silent Spring by RACHEL CARSON pdf

Book Silent Spring by RACHEL CARSON pdf

Pages 155


SILENT SPRING, winner of 8 awards, is the history making bestseller that stunned the world with its terrifying revelation about our contaminated planet. No sciencefiction nightmare can equal the power of this authentic and chilling portrait of the un-seen destroyers which have already begun to change the shape of life as we know it.
“Silent Spring is a devastating attack on human carelessness, greed and irresponsibility. It should be read by every American who does not want it to be the epitaph of a world not very far beyond us in time.”

i. Acknowledgments
ii. Foreword
1. A Fable for Tomorrow
2. The Obligation to Endure
3. Elixirs of Death
4. Surface Waters and Underground Seas
5. Realms of the Soil
6. Earth’s Green Mantle
7. Needless Havoc
8. And No Birds Sing
9. Rivers of Death
10. Indiscriminately from the Skies
11. Beyond the Dreams of the Borgias
12. The Human Price
13. Through a Narrow Window
14. One in Every Four
15. Nature Fights Back
16. The Rumblings of an Avalanche
17. The Other Road

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Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

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