Book Mathematics via problems Part 1 Algebra pdf


Book Mathematics via problems Part 1 Algebra pdf

Book Mathematics via problems Part 1 Algebra pdf

Pages 221

By Arkadiy Skopenkov ; translated by Sergei Shubin and Paul Zeitz.

Series: MSRI mathematical circles library,

Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781470448783

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This book is a translation from Russian of Part I of the book Mathematics Through Problems: From Olympiads and Math Circles to Profession. The main goal of this book is to develop important parts of mathematics through problems. The author tries to put together sequences of problems that allow high school students (and some undergraduates) with strong interest in mathematics to discover and recreate much of elementary mathematics and start edging into the sophisticated world of topics such as group theory, Galois theory, and so on, thus building a bridge (by showing that there is no gap) between standard high school exercises and more intricate and abstract concepts in mathematics.Definitions and/or references for material that is not standard in the school curriculum are included. However, many topics in the book are difficult when you start learning them from scratch. To help with this, problems are carefully arranged to provide gradual introduction into each subject. Problems are often accompanied by hints and/or complete solutions

The book is based on classes taught by the author at different times at the Independent University of Moscow, at a number of Moscow schools and math circles, and at various summer schools. It can be used by high school students and undergraduates, their teachers, and organizers of summer camps and math circles. This work was originally published in Russian by  » МЦНМО  » under the title Элементы математики в задачах, (C)2018.

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