Book Knots and physics pdf


Book Knots and physics pdf

Book Knots and physics pdf  : Pages 866

By Louis H. Kauffman

  • Physical Knots
  • States and the Bracket Polynomial
  • The Jones Polynomial and Its Generalizations
  • Braids and the Jones Polynomial
  • Formal Feynman Diagrams, Bracket as a Vacuum-Vacuum Expectation and the Quantum Group SL(2)q
  • Yang-Baxter Models for Specializations of the Homfly Polynomial
  • Knot-Crystals — Classical Knot Theory in a Modern Guise
  • The Kauffman Polynomial
  • Three Manifold Invariants from the Jones Polynomial
  • Integral Heuristics and Witten’s Invariants
  • The Chromatic Polynomial
  • The Potts Model and the Dichromatic Polynomial
  • The Penrose Theory of Spin Networks
  • Knots and Strings — Knotted Strings
  • DNA and Quantum Field Theory
  • Knots in Dynamical Systems — The Lorenz Attractor

Series: K & E series on knots and everything 1

Publisher: World Scientific, Year: 2001

ISBN: 9780585459172,9789810241117,9789810241124,9810241119,9810241127

(K & E series on knots and everything 1) Louis H. Kauffman – Knots and physics-World Scientific (2001)

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