Book Chemistry Concepts and Problems A Self Teaching Guide by Richard Post pdf


Book Chemistry Concepts and Problems A Self Teaching Guide by Richard Post pdf

Book Chemistry Concepts and Problems A Self Teaching Guide by Richard Post pdf

Pages 432

By Richard Post, Chad Snyder, Clifford C. Houk

Series: Wiley Self-Teaching Guides

Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Year: 2020

ISBN: 1119632560,9781119632566

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THE QUICK AND PAINLESS WAY TO TEACH YOURSELF BASIC CHEMISTRY CONCEPTS AND TERMSChemistry: A Self-Teaching Guide is the easy way to gain a solid understanding of the essential science of chemistry. Assuming no background knowledge of the subject, this clear and accessible guide covers the central concepts and key definitions of this fundamental science, from the basic structure of the atom to chemical equations.An innovative self-guided approach enables you to move through the material at your own pace―gradually building upon your knowledge while you strengthen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This edition features new and revised content throughout, including a new chapter on organic chemistry, designed to dramatically increase how fast you learn and how much you retain. This powerful learning resource features:

  • An interactive, step-by-step method proven to increase your understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry
  • Learning objectives, practice questions, study problems, and a self-review test in every chapter to reinforce your learning
  • An emphasis on practical concepts and clear explanations to ensure that you comprehend the material quickly
  • Engaging end-of-chapter stories connecting the material to a relevant topic in chemistry to bring important concepts to life
  • Concise, student-friendly chapters describing major chemistry concepts and terms, including the periodic table, atomic weights, chemical bonding, solutions, gases, solids, and liquids

Chemistry: A Self-Teaching Guide is an ideal resource for high school or college students taking introductory chemistry courses, for students taking higher level courses needing to refresh their knowledge, and for those preparing for standardized chemistry and medical career admission tests.

(Wiley Self-Teaching Guides) Richard Post, Chad Snyder, Clifford C. Houk – Chemistry_ Concepts and Problems, A Self-Teaching Guide-Jossey-Bass (2020)

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