Astronomers FIND Eerie Galaxy Hidden Behind The Milky Way!


Astronomers FIND Eerie Galaxy Hidden Behind The Milky Way

The universe, no doubt, is as majestic as it is beautiful, and it is home to tremendously violent cosmic forces and objects well beyond our limited human comprehension. Just 640 light-years away from Earth, lies one of its violent freaks – the fiery giant, WASP-76b, a planet so ferocious, it drips liquid iron like rain from the sky. A little closer (about 30 light-years away)…is a world where the ice on its surface could sear flesh.

But, as wild and terrifying as the universe appears to be, it is also rather vague. Because somewhere, in the deepest reaches of the cosmos, far from the safe confines of our home galaxy the Milky Way, lies an elusive inaccessible zone that has been a mystery for decades. Over the years, scientists have tried to get a better grasp of this enigma, but all to no avail.

However, only recently, astronomers were able to uncover a secret that has been hidden for decades within this obscured zone. What could it be? And what would it mean for the future of mankind?

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