Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies are merging


Future night sky after Milky Way and Andromeda merge

Milky Way and Andromeda merger has begun

The Andromeda galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way, isn’t noticeable in our night sky, unless you look for it. Under dark skies, however, you can see it without optical aid, but only as a barely visible fuzzy patch of light. But one day, far in the future, Andromeda will be bright in our sky, growing larger and larger … as it gets closer and closer to us. And even though the two galaxies are still 2.5 million light-years apart, the eventual merger of our two galaxies has, in fact, already begun.

NASA predicts our Milky Way will eventually collide and merge with the Andromeda Galaxy billions of years from now. This video demonstrates what our night sky would look like during the merge.


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