All physics formulas Advancing Physics


All physics formulas Advancing Physics

All physics formulas Advancing Physics : These data, formulae and relationships are for the use of candidates following the Physics B (Advancing Physics) specification.

Physical constants : speed of light ; permittivity of free space ; electric force constant ; permeability of free space ; charge on electron e ; mass of electron ; …………………

Conversion factors : unified atomic mass unit ; Mathematical constants and equations

Prefixes :capture-physic

Imaging and Signalling : focal length ; refractive index ; Noise limitation on maximum bits per sample

Electricity : current ; potential difference ; power ; resistance and conductance ; conductivity and resistivity ; ……..

Materials : density ; Hooke’s law ; stress, strain and the Young modulus ; ………

Gases : ideal gas equation ; kinetic theory of gases

Motion and forces : momentum ; components of a vector in two perpendicular directions ; equations for uniformly accelerated motion ……………..

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