5 Planets, an Asteroid, and a Comet Are Aligning! How to See This Celestial Parade?


5 Planets an Asteroid and a Comet Are Aligning How to See This Celestial Parade

Five planets – Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, and Mars are going to align with an asteroid and a comet in the pre-dawn skies of April and May 2022.

This alignment of planets will lead to some spectacular shown and close planetary conjunctions. In this video, all the important dates and planetary configurations have been discussed in detail.

Celestial Parade 2022: The coming two months are going to be exciting for astronomy enthusiasts. Five planets — Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn — will align in the dawn sky of April with a comet and an asteroid. However, the alignment is not the only exciting event to look forward to. As the planets go into a straight line configuration as seen from the Earth, some of them will pass too close to each other, leading to spectacular planetary conjunctions. In this article, all the important dates leading up to the alignment have been discussed.


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