2021 view of Mars just got released


2021 view of Mars just got released

2021 view of Mars just got released

That is so beautiful. I wish humans will land there soon, with the hope of not destroying it like we did on earth. Spectacular!

An incredible high-quality image was taken recently by NASA on Mars. The image is so cristal you can analyze every rock, and even the hole drill that curiosity did on the red planet. The footage you are about to see is a combination of 122 images to create a mesmerizing experience.
In particular, in this video you can observe the following information:
📌 – Mars Soil
📌 – Mars Atmosphere
📌 – Mars Temperature during summer
📌 – Rock hall drill hole image
📌 – The terrain around Curiosity rover workspace
📌 – The 2019 Curiosity rover worksite
Source: nasa.gov

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