Women at the Edge of Discovery 40 True Science Adventures pdf


Women at the Edge of Discovery 40 True Science Adventures pdf

Women at the Edge of Discovery 40 True Science Adventures pdf : Pages 296

By Kendall Haven

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited, Year: 2003

ISBN: 1591580153

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Imagine working in the middle of the Peruvian rain forest, amid panthers, pit vipers, spiders, and slugs-in the pitch black of night. Or peering over the edge of a live volcano, trying to collect scientific data as you become engulfed in hissing sulfur fumes and rising gas. Or standing on the bottom of the ocean, taking notes as a twenty-five foot long great white shark slowly circles around you. Science is not only a dynamic and vital area of study, it can also be tremendously exciting-for men, and for women. Here are the thrilling stories of 50 female scientists who have faced daunting challenges in the field, in the science lab, and even in the academy. You’ll find representatives from physical, earth, and life science-from rain forest ecologists, volcanologists, marine biologists, and archeologists to chemists, physicists, and crystallographers. Brief profiles of these fascinating women are followed by exciting vignettes about their work-their passions, their struggles, and their accomplishments. Discussion questions and references for further study are also included. This informative and action-packed collection is intended to inspire and instruct-and to encourage young women (and young men) to pursue science as a field of study and career. It’s a great resource for reports and research study, and educators can use the stories to launch science units, or as supplementary reading to enhance the science curriculum. Grades 4-9 (and above).

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