Quantum Optics and Laser Experiments pdf

Quantum Optics and Laser Experiments pdf

Quantum Optics and Laser Experiments pdf : Pages 191

By Sergiy Lyagushyn

The book embraces a wide spectrum of problems falling under the concepts of « Quantum optics » and « Laser experiments ». The book includes theoretical contributions devoted to such problems as providing a general approach to describe electromagnetic field states with correlation functions of different nature, nonclassical properties of some superpositions of field states in time-varying media, photon localization, mathematical apparatus that is necessary for field state reconstruction on the basis of restricted set of observables, and quantum electrodynamics processes in strong fields provided by pulsed laser beams.

Experimental contributions are presented in chapters about some quantum optics processes in photonic crystals – media with spatially modulated dielectric properties – and chapters dealing with the formation of cloud of cold atoms in magneto optical trap.
All chapters provide the necessary basic knowledge of the phenomena under discussion and well-explained mathematical calculations.

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Quantum Optics and Laser Experiments

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