Quantum Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications to Technology pdf


Quantum Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications to Technology pdf

Quantum Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications to Technology pdf : Pages

By Jasprit Singh

Series: Physics Textbook

Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Year: 1997

ISBN: 0-471-15758-9,9780471157588

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Explore the relationship between quantum mechanics and information-age applicationsThis volume takes an altogether unique approach to quantum mechanics. Providing an in-depth exposition of quantum mechanics fundamentals, it shows how these concepts are applied to most of today’s information technologies, whether they are electronic devices or materials. No other text makes this critical, essential leap from theory to real-world applications.The book’s lively discussion of the mathematics involved fits right in with contemporary multidisciplinary trends in education: Once the basic formulation has been derived in a given chapter, the connection to important technological problems is summarily described. A book for the information age, Quantum Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications to Technology promises to become a standard in departments of electrical engineering, applied physics, and materials science, as well as physics. It is an excellent text for senior undergraduate and graduate students, and a helpful reference for practicing scientists, engineers, and chemists in the semiconductor and electronic industries

Quantum Mechanics_ Fundamentals and Applications to Technology-Wiley-VCH (1997)

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