olive oil for your health

olive oil for your health

olive oil for your health  : is the oil output from the era or the pressure of olives, a tree grows in the Mediterranean basin; olive oil is used in cooking, pharmacy and medicine at the ignite oily Moakid In the soap.

Olive oil Antioxidants : Antioxidants are compounds that protect body cells from damage caused by free radicals. These are highly reactive molecules that are involved in the development of cardiovascular disease, some cancers and other related diseases aging . Several studies have clearly identify the phenolic compounds in olive oil and check the health effects. We know a little less antioxidant profile of the olive and the benefits that its consumption could provide.

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What is known is that the variety, maturity and conservation of olives are factors that influence their content antioxydants. In general, black olives contain three to four times more phenolic compounds than green olive and thus possess greater antioxidant capacity in vitro . The hydroxytyrosol is the main phenolic compound black and green olives. At equivalent weight, they contain respectively four and ten times more than the hydroxytyrosol olive oil. Due to the antioxidant content of olives, it is possible to assume that regular use could bring similar benefits to those seen with olive oil

Quantity per 100 g :  884 calories ; Lipids 100 g ; saturated fat 14 g  ; cholesterol 0 mg Dietary fiber 0 g ;  sugar 0 g ; protein 0 g ; Vitamin A : 0 mg  ; Vitamin C : 0 mg ; Vitamin D : 0 mg ;  vitamin B6 : 0 mg ; Vitamin B-12 : 0 mg ; Vitamin E : 12 mg 

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Calcium 1 mg  ; Iron 0.6 mg ; magnesium 0 mg ; sodium 2mg ; potassium 1mg 

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