Numerical Methods Equations Applications pdf


Numerical Methods Equations Applications pdf

Numerical Methods Equations  Applications pdf : Pages 474

By Ioannis K. Argyros, Saïd Hilout, and Yeol J. Cho

Many problems from Engineering, Optimization, Economics, Physics and other disciplines can be brought in the form of equations or variational inequalities using Mathematical Modelling

This book adopts a modern scientific approach that combines recent results in numerical methods for equations and variational inequalities with applications in various fields of engineering, optimization, economics, control theory, linear/ nonlinear differential equations, partial differential equations and physics ( Frome preface book : Page 2 )

Newton’s Method ; Secant method ; Steffensen’s Method ; Inexact Methods ; Werner’s Method ; Halley’s Method ; Convergence Analysis ; Methods for variational inequalities ; Fast two–step methods ; Fixed Point Methods ; Successive Substitutions Methods ;

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