Introductory Quantum Mechanics pdf

Introductory Quantum Mechanics pdf

Introductory Quantum Mechanics pdf : Pages 392

By Dae Mann Kim

For Multidisciplinary Applications To Nanotechnology

This introductory textbook covers fundamental quantum mechanics from an application perspective, considering optoelectronic devices, biological sensors and molecular imagers as well as solar cells and field effect transistors.

Schrödinger Wave Equation ; Bound States in Quantum Well and Wire ; Scattering and Tunneling of 1D Particle ; Energy Bands in Solids ; The Quantum Treatment of Harmonic Oscillator ; Schrödinger Treatment of Hydrogen Atom ; The Perturbation Theory ; System of Identical Particles and Electron Spin ; Molecules and Chemical Bonds ; Molecular Spectra ; Atom–Field Interaction ; The Interaction of EM Waves with an Optical Media ; Semiconductor Statistics ; Carrier Transport in Semiconductors ; P–N Junction Diode: I–V Behavior and Device Physics ; P–N Junction Diode : Applications ; Field-Effect Transistors

Solution to exercises Page  279

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

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