Introduction to Atomic Orbitals


Introduction to Atomic Orbitals

Introduction to Atomic Orbitals

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In this video, we will discuss ATOMIC ORBITALS . In the last session, we discussed atomic theory, where we learnt, atom is the smallest particle, and, it comprises nucleus at the center, and, electrons revolving around the nucleus.

But in reality, electrons won’t revolve around the nucleus. Instead, they move around the nucleus, in a random way. So, we can’t predict, what’s going to be, the next position of the electron, accurately, until we measure it.

When we try to measure, the position of an electron. It appears at some random point, that means, it is showing the, particle behavior of the electron. If you don’t measure it, the electron can be anywhere, around the nucleus. That means, it is showing the, wave behavior of electron.

As said above, when we try to measure the electron, it will be found at some place. And, if we try to measure it again, it will be found somewhere else.

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