How to develop a perfect memory pdf


How to develop a perfect memory pdf

How to develop a perfect memory pdf : Pages 180


I know what it is like to forget someone’s name. In my time, I have forgotten appointments, telephone numbers, speeches, punch lines of jokes, directions, even whole chapters of my life. Up until recently, I was the most absentminded, forgetful person you could imagine. I once saw a cartoon of two
people dancing rather awkwardly at the Amnesiacs’ Annual Ball. The man was saying to the woman, ‘Do I come here often?’ I knew how he felt. Within the last four years, I have become the World Memory Champion. I regularly appear on television and tour the country as a celebrity ‘Memory Man’, rather like Leslie Welch did in the 1950s. There’s no trickery in what I do – no special effects or electronic aids. I just sat down one day and decided enough was enough: I was going to train my memory. ( Book / Page 5 )

How to develop a perfect memory

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