Heisenberg’s Quantum Mechanics pdf

Heisenberg’s Quantum Mechanics pdf

Heisenberg’s Quantum Mechanics pdf : Pages 680

By  Mohsen Razavy


  • A Brief Survey of Analytical Dynamics
  • Discovery of Matrix Mechanics
  • Mathematical Preliminaries
  • Postulates of Quantum Theory
  • Equations of Motion, Hamiltonian Operator and the Commutation Relations
  • Symmetries and Conservation Laws
  • Bound State Energies for One-Dimensional Problems
  • Exactly Solvable Potentials, Supersymmetry and Shape Invariance

  • The Two-Body Problem
  • Methods of Integration of Heisenberg’s Equations of Motion
  • Perturbation Theory
  • Other Methods of Approximation
  • Quantization of the Classical Equations of Motion with Higher Derivatives
  • Potential Scattering
  • Quantum Diffraction
  • Motion of a Charged Particle in Electromagnetic Field and Topological Quantum Effects for Neutral Particles
  • Quantum Many-Body Problem
  • Quantum Theory of Free Electromagnetic Field
  • Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  • Bell’s Inequality

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Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics

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