Handbook of Force Transducers Principles and Components pdf


Handbook of Force Transducers Principles and Components pdf

Handbook of Force Transducers Principles and Components pdf : Pages 612

By Dan Mihai Ştefănescu

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2011

ISBN: 364218295X,9783642182952

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Part I introduces the basic « Principles and Methods of Force Measurement » according to a classification into a dozen of force transducers types: resistive, inductive, capacitive, piezoelectric, electromagnetic, electrodynamic, magnetoelastic, galvanomagnetic (Hall-effect), vibrating wires, (micro)resonators, acoustic and gyroscopic. Two special chapters refer to force balance techniques and to combined methods in force measurement.

Part II discusses the « (Strain Gauge) Force Transducers Components », evolving from the classical force transducer to the digital / intelligent one, with the incorporation of three subsystems (sensors, electromechanics and informatics). The elastic element (EE) is the « heart » of the force transducer and basically determines its performance.

The handbook fills a gap in the field of Force Measurement, both experts and newcomers, no matter of their particular interest, finding a lot of useful and valuable subjects in the area of Force Transducers; in fact, it is the first specialized monograph in this inter- and multidisciplinary field.

Dan Mihai Ştefănescu (auth.) – Handbook of Force Transducers_ Principles and Components-Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2011)

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