Finn’s Thermal Physics Third Edition pdf

Finn’s Thermal Physics Third Edition pdf

Finn’s Thermal Physics Third Edition pdf : Pages 386

By Andrew Rex

Andrew Rex is professor of physics at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. He is author of several textbooks and the popular science book, Commonly Asked Questions in Physics.

Chapter 1 : Temperature ; Chapter 2 : Reversible Processes and Work ; Chapter 3 : The First Law of Thermodynamics ; Chapter 4 : The Second Law of Thermodynamics ; Chapter 5 : Entropy ; Chapter 6 : Statistical Mechanics ; Chapter 7 : The Thermodynamic Potentials and the Maxwell Relations ; Chapter 8 : General Thermodynamic Relations ; Chapter 9 : Magnetic Systems ; Chapter 10 : Phase Changes ; Chapter 11 : Open Systems and Chemical Potential ;Chapter 12 : The Third Law of Thermodynamics ; Chapter 13 : Quantum Statistics

Appendix A : Values of Physical Constants and Conversion Factors

Appendix B : Some Mathematical Relations Used in Thermodynamics

Appendix C : The Work Required to Magnetize a Magnetic Material and to Polarize a Dielectric

Appendix D : Answers to Selected Problems

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